A Bernie Sanders sock puppet defeats a San Francisco condo development

Local officials in San Francisco denied a sound building project due to angst over Donald Trump’s election and the persuasion of a Bernie Sanders sock puppet.

nimby-without-a-causeNimbys oppose new developments for two reasons. First, they don’t want to deal with more people in their neighborhoods and on their streets, and second, they don’t want competing housing supply on the market that would prevent the value of their house from inflating further. Since opposing new development carries no cost, and since killing new development brings rewards, the incentive is to oppose — and nimbys no longer feel shame for this behavior.

California NIMBYs don’t love their children. If they did, they would at least support enough new development to accommodate their own children. Nimbys may cloak their greedy and selfish actions with logical arguments, but these rarely hold up to any scrutiny. It’s gotten so ludicrous that even the pretense of logic and sanity is no longer required.

How can I make that claim? A nimby used a Bernie Sanders sock puppet to argue against a project in San Francisco — and won.

Lawmakers bar Mission development

Emotions run high, turn board vote on South Van Ness building


Activists showed up to San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday to protest the development of 157 condos at 1515 South Van Ness, already certain that the building would skate to approval anyway.

According to the city lawmakers casting their votes, they were certain too.

However, the tide turned against the new building, and the Board of Supervisors members swept it out on a 9-0 vote.nimby-no-bro

Many of reasons were given, but the one that stands out most is the frequent references to President-elect Donald Trump, who may well have clinched the decision against developer Lennar.

This real estate developer fell victim to San Francisco’s anger toward Donald Trump’s election.

Why would Donald Trump even be mentioned with regard to a real estate development in San Francisco where he isn’t involved?

What followed was a commonplace scene in the chamber: People lined up to complain about the project for nearly 90 minutes.

Some called the development racist, and the sitting supervisors racists too.

How is a development racist? What possible coherent argument can be made that a real estate development can be racist? Perhaps I lack imagination, but I can’t fathom how this is possible.

This accusation bears the pungent smell of bullshit.

One referred to rich homeowners as an “invasive species.”

A clearer statement of nimbyism has never been uttered.bernie-sanders-sock-puppet

Another delivered his argument with a Bernie Sanders puppet. …

Only in San Francisco could someone deliver a political statement with a Bernie Sanders sock puppet and be taken seriously.

When the vote came, even the appellants were convinced that the building would pass. And that’s when things got a little weird.

District 9 Supervisor David Campos first criticized the activists, saying that he was “not happy” with the quality of the appeal, commenting that “we have to do a better job” and “this isn’t good enough.”

Campos then confessed that he had previously made up his mind in favor of the project. But now, unexpectedly, had decided to vote it down.

And, one by one, all of his colleagues followed suit, ending in a 9-0 vote for the appeal.

Oddly, the recent election might have been behind the upset. Several commenters cited worries about President-elect Trump when speaking to the board, as did Campos and Supervisor John Avalos.

(In fact, Campos said it was one particular comment comparing activists to Trump-like nativists that clenched his decison.)

It’s not necessarily about this project,” said Supervisor Eric Mar before casting his vote, “but about the bigger political context.

WTF? How can a hearing about a project approval not be about the project? Isn’t making decisions like this for the greater good of the local community the reason they were elected?

In local politics, no bigger political context matters. And even if it did, how would Donald Trump’s election impact San Francisco’s need for housing? And why would opposing this development improve anything?

Some behavior is so irrational and so abhorrent that it needs to be called out for what it is. This group of local officials prevented 157 families from obtaining new homes in their community, and they did so to help inflate the property values of those who already live there.

Nimbyism in California has officially jumped the shark.