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Below are the updated monthly housing markets reports for February 2019: Orange County, February 2019 (click here) Irvine, California, February 2019 (click here) Los Angeles County, February 2019 (click here) San Diego County, February 2019 (click here) San Jose Metro, February 2019 (click here) San Francisco Metro, February 2019 (Click here) Riverside County, February 2019 (click here) San Bernardino, February 2019 (click here) Ventura County, February 2019 (Click here)[READ MORE]

Orange County is no longer an LA County bedroom community. High-density condos overtake suburban detached homes as the dominant housing type. For most OC residents, moving inland to find affordable housing means leaving Orange County entirely. You can search for Movers near me on the internet to make your move easier. Those who continue working here endure crushing commutes. So far, the Millennial generation opts to rent condos at Those who want to remain in Orange County must accept a smaller attached home because there are simply no detached homes available for buyers with less than 20% down. Further, this is not likely to change. Residents of Manhattan Island gave up long ago on the dream of owning one…[READ MORE]

In Memoriam: Tony Bliss 1966-2012