Should the Woodbridge Village Center be blown up for condos?

The Irvine Company wishes to replace the poor-performing Woodbridge Village Center with a condominium development that makes them more money.


I recently wrote about the power of opposition groups to stop housing development in California. I was recently contacted by an activist in a community opposition group trying to save the Woodbridge Village Center.

Personally, I think the Woodbridge Village Center should be saved. If I lived in Woodbridge, I would prefer to keep this well-designed community amenity rather than see it replaced with private condos. However, if I were the Irvine Company, I would want to replace this poor-performing center with something more valuable, like the Pre-construction Condos in Toronto they’ve determined condos is the best use for the property. If you have an opinion, you can comment here, or you can call or send an email to the person responsible at the Irvine Company.


Big changes are in the works for the Woodbridge Village Center. The Irvine Company is presently evaluating options to replace the Village Center with either a residential development (most likely condominiums), or with a standard shopping center. Regardless of the option selected, the current Village Center will most likely be destroyed.

The Irvine Company is expected to reveal their proposal to the Woodbridge Village Association this fall. It is critical that the Irvine Company gets input from Irvine residents regarding the Village Center. Rather than destroying it, they could develop plans to transform it into a desirable pedestrian and cycling destination. New venues such as coffee houses and unique restaurants could help bring people to the Center. If you want your voice heard and would like the Village Center to be preserved, please telephone or email Jennifer Ciccone at the Irvine Company:

Jennifer Ciccone – VP of Operations, Neighborhoods and Community Centers


[email protected]

Every telephone call or email is important to the future of the Village Center. Please inform you friends so they in turn can inform others.


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