How to use the OC Housing News to find your new home

This site provides the tools house hunters need to find their next home. To get the most out of the available resources, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Register with the site.

registered user_sidebar_01Registration provides unlimited access to all the features of the site. We distribute handy guides on the rent-versus-own decision, home finance, and other topics. We publish monthly housing market reports detailing the best locations to find deals, and we even publish a guide on it’s interpretation and use. Registered users review unlimited numbers of property details with calculations on cost of ownership and comparable rentals. Further, users can save searches and favorite properties for later review.

Everyone who registers will be contacted by a Home Guide with Akason Realty Consulting. These specialists are trained to help you find the property that best suits the needs of your family. They are not self-serving agents with high-pressure tactics typical of the real estate industry. They are your personal guides, a resource for you to consult on your journey to a new home.

2. Download the rent-versus-own guide.

OCHN newsletter 2012-11One of the first questions our home guides review with any house hunter is whether it’s more advantageous to rent or to own. The rent-versus-own guide provides a thorough and objective analysis of the rent-versus-own decision. It does not automatically steer people toward home ownership like most other guides.  Part of a home guides commitment to clients is to help them find the right property for their family, and often the most suitable property is a rental.

Evaluating the rent-versus-own decision requires a detailed understanding of the cost of home ownership. This guide details the various costs and offsets and explains how they are calculated. The property details displayed on this site all show the cost of ownership comparable to a rental.

Most people who find a site like this are already looking to buy a home, but we suggest all house hunters review this guide to ensure the decision to own is right for them and to make certain they fully understand the cost of ownership calculations used on this site.

3. Download the home finance guide.

OCHN newsletter 2012-11Buyers who plan to pay cash can skip this step, but for everyone else, getting pre-qualified for a home loan is a vital first step for home shopping. Sellers simply don’t consider an offer credible if it’s not accompanied by a pre-approval letter from a lender. Sellers don’t want to spend time in escrow with a buyer who can’t get a loan to close the deal.

If you are confused about the lending process, you are not alone. This home financing guide explains the key terms you need to understand to get a stable home loan that ensures you can sustain home ownership. This guide is a must for anyone buying their first home.

4. Download the housing market guide and report.

OCHN_SoCal_Housing_Market_Report_2013-11The OC Housing News publishes detailed housing market reports that provide a clear picture of the health of the housing market. Both buyers and sellers find the information on location, valuation, and price trends, timely and relevant to their decision to buy or sell a home. The OC Housing News report answers the most important questions to buyers and sellers: (1) Where should I look for bargains, (2) Are current prices over or under valued in my area, and (3) what direction are prices headed, up or down in my area? Armed with better information, people make better decisions.

These reports contain a great deal of information and complex analysis. To help people understand the report better, we created a guide specifically to educate buyers on how to use these reports. First, we suggest all users to download the guide to understanding and interpreting OCHN Housing Market Reports. Then we suggest people download the the Southern California overview report located in the Member’s Lounge. Once they’ve narrowed their search area, they can download the reports on their target county in the Subscriber’s Reports. Registration is required to access these reports.

5. Download the OCHN Guide to Home Search.

San BernardinoYou can begin your home search many ways: 1. You can browse for homes by city from links in the sidebar on the home page. 2. You can use the property search box at the top of the website. 3. You can use the property search page which allows you to chose from more parameters. 4. You can also use our advanced mapping search to define a custom area to ensure you only see the homes located where you want to live. With so many options, we decided to produce a guide to help you get the most from the site’s search tools.

The OC Housing News website provides powerful, proprietary search capabilities. These cutting edge tools are often overlooked by those accustomed to the weaker search tools provided on other sites. Our guide explains how these tools work and what benefit you gain from using them. Not just can our search filter out the houses you don’t want to see, it gives you assurance that you are seeing the best of the available choices.

6. Work with a home guide from Akason Realty Consulting.

altOnce you’ve found the home best suited to your family’s needs, it’s time to start making offers. There is no substitute for a reliable agent to help you navigate the land mines on your journey to your next home. Whereas most agents try to exploit their clients’ emotional reactions, our agents are trained to help people temper their desires and be patient on their search. All too often, buyers are swayed by their emotions and overbid and overpay. A true home guide will save you thousands of dollars.

Home Guides differ from typical real estate agents at a basic level of core beliefs. Home Guides believe their work improves the lives of the families they help. A Home Guide’s goal is to consider a family’s circumstances and help them find the right home for their family, regardless of the fee involved. Helping clients is more important than maximizing fees. Contrast those beliefs, goals, and behaviors with a typical real estate agent. Most agents believe their work should make them the most money with the least effort. A typical agent’s goal is to convince a client to buy the most expensive home possible as quickly as possible, regardless of the impact on the families they work with. Maximizing fees is more important than helping clients. Who would you rather work with?

A home guide will contact you when you register. Get to know them, and use them in your search. They are there to help guide you home.

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