Top Ten Points about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star_Wars_Episode_VII_The_Force_AwakensI was fortunate enough to watch this film at 10:30 AM opening day. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and I will likely watch it two or three more times during the holidays.

First, be careful you don’t read too much about this film because someone will probably spoil it for you. There are definitely some things you would rather be ignorant to before watching the film to get the full emotional effect.

Second, if you are already a Star Wars fan, you will certainly love this movie. Every Star Wars fan should go see it.

Third, the new villain is the best character in the movie. He was perfectly cast, and the backstory is compelling. He is the most complex and interesting character in the movie. I will be thinking about this character and what he does in the movie for days.


Fourth, the action sequences are top-notch. The movie moves at a rapid pace.


Fifth, The good guys give the film a human depth, but you have to suspend your disbelief with their interactions. I found the emotional reactions of the new characters a bit unrealistic considering how little they know each other, and the plot twists a bit too convenient. The awakened force was definitely with them at times, to the point of deux de machina. These were some of the least satisfying scenes in the movie.

forceawakensSixth, related to number 5, there are far too many unanswered questions in this movie. Many characters have no background, and it makes it difficult to understand the their circumstances and their behavior. You find yourself asking “why” without satisfactory answers, and I’m not the only one who noticed this. (WARNING This link contains spoilers: 15 Unanswered Questions We Want Addressed in Star Wars: Episodes 8 & 9)

Seventh, I imagine some of the questions posed by the movie were unanswered on purpose to set up the sequels where these questions will be answered, but if you are not a Star Wars fan, you will feel this movie leaves you with far too many loose ends.

Eighth, most people will leave disappointed with the camera time given to one of the main characters. It reminds me of The Empire Strikes Back in that you aren’t fully satisfied, and you hunger for the next movie.

Ninth, overall the plot was too similar to earlier Star Wars films, and although those were great movies, I hoped for something more original or imaginative.

Tenth, despite the weaknesses, this is a must-see movie for anyone who likes Star Wars, action movies, or science fiction and fantasy films. Go see it. You won’t be disappointed.