Orange County Housing Market Report: July 2015

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4th-of-july-wallpaper-2Historically,  properties  in  this  market  sell  at  a  0.6%  premium.  Today’s  discount  is  4.5%.  This  market  is  5.1%  undervalued.

Median  home  price  is  $574,500  with  a  rental  parity  value  of  $588,200.  This  market’s  discount  is  $13,700.

Monthly  payment  affordability  has  been  worsening  over  the  last  2  month(s).  Momentum  suggests  worsening  affordability.

Resale  prices  on  a  $/SF  basis  increased  from  $378/SF  to  $380/SF.  Resale  prices  have  been  rising  for  5  month(s).

Over  the  last  12  months,  resale  prices  rose  3.5%  indicating  a  longer  term  upward  price  trend.

Median  rental  rates  increased  $17  last  month  from  $2,648  to  $2,665.  The  current  capitalization  rate  (rent/price)  is  4.5%.

Rents  have  been  rising  for  12  month(s).  Price  momentum  signals  rising  rents  over  the  next  three  months.

Market  rating  = 8

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