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Welcome to the OC Housing News!

After nearly five years of writing for the Irvine Housing Blog, I feel it is time to expand my gaze beyond Irvine to the rest of Orange County. The Irvine housing market does not exist in a vacuum. Properties in nearby communities compete with Irvine for the attention of buyers. To really understand any housing market, we need to review properties and market conditions in surrounding communities. Therefore, this new blog will examine interesting properties in all of Orange County, California.

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If you like my writing, and if this is your first visit I suggest you take a moment to add to your bookmarks. The entertaining and insightful market analysis you have come to expect from me can be found there from now on.

Blog Posts

My usual posts on national, state, and local housing issues have each been categorized as “featured.” One of the first things you will notice about the blog is a post box which rotates through the last twelve featured posts. If you are not a daily reader, and you want to see what interesting topics I have been writing about, this new feature will allow you to quickly browse headlines and excerpts.

In addition to my daily news and analysis posts, I provide a second post on a specific property of interest somewhere in Orange County. The post has a sentence or two on why it caught my eye, then it displays the property data and my proprietary cost of ownership analysis. For those who are primarily interested in properties, these new posts should prove interesting. If you come across a property you would like me to profile, email me at [email protected].

If you scroll down the page, you will see the last several posts on the The featured posts show cartoons and an excerpt, and property posts display the house, and my reason for profiling the property.

Blog Tour

I want to take a moment to tell you about the new features and information you can find on the

Purple Navigation

As I mentioned in the introduction, the focus of my attention has broadened to the entire Orange County housing market. The purple navigation tabs below the header logo will limit the display of posts to only those about that area or topic. So if you are only interested in what’s happening in Newport Beach, clicking on that navigation tab will show you only the posts I have done on Newport Beach.

Main Navigation

Above the header is the main site navigation. This will lead you to features and services not related to the blog posts.

MLS Listings

You can browse the listings from any city or zip code in Orange County as well as the various villages of Irvine. By default, the listings will be displayed by time on the market with the newest being listed first. If you want to quickly see what has just hit the market in a particular area, this is a handy feature. These same queries by city and Irvine village can be found in the right sidebar as well.

MLS Map Search

If you prefer to set detailed parameters to facilitate your search for a particular home, the MLS map search is the best method. You can perform as many searches as you like, and if you register with the system, you can save your searches and receive email updates.

Foreclosure Deals

If you want to find upcoming foreclosure properties to find the best deals in the current market, we have a special search page just for that.

Investment Rentals

As most of you know, I run a fund buying rental properties in Las Vegas to sell to Orange County cashflow investors. My available inventory can be found on the Investment rental tab.

Free Services

As part of my commitment to benefit the community, I provide a number of free services. These include a monthly market newsletter, live presentations, property value reports, an affordability calculator, and a library of educational writings.

Market Newsletter

Each month, I compile the data on real estate transactions in Orange County and publish a newsletter containing my findings. I sort through the information to provide the key data I believe is important to making a buying decision. If you sign up, you will receive this free report by email each month.

Live Presentations

Shevy Akason and I provide a number of free live presentations. We provide first-time homebuyer training, an OC housing market update, a Las Vegas investment property seminar twice monthly, and a short sale and REO workshop. We also put on guest presentations from time to time. All presentations are free of charge.

Value Reports

I developed a proprietary report detailing the value and the cost of ownership. We can prepare this report for any property in the MLS coverage area at your request. It provides both resale and rental comps, our estimation of current value and fundamental value, and a detailed breakdown of the monthly cost of ownership.

Affordability Calculator

If you want to determine what you can really afford and how much a property will cost both up-front and on an ongoing basis, our affordability calculator is designed to tell you. It provides the same cost of ownership breakdown as our value reports, and it allows you to run scenarios and explore options on your own.

Education Library

Over the course of nearly five years of writing for the Irvine Housing Blog, I wrote a number of educational pieces. These writings have been collected and organized by topic into our education library. These same links can be found at the bottom of the sidebar on any blog page.

Finest Agents

I believe I am fortunate to work with Shevy Akason and his team. I believe them to be among the finest agents in Orange County. Our many testimonials from happy clients attests to his skills. If you don’t know Shevy, I recommend you come to one of our live presentations and see for yourself what separates him from other agents.

About Me

No blog would be complete without a biography of the blogger.

Sidebar elements

Many of the sidebar elements are shortcuts to the features and services described above. In addition to that, I have a link to my book, The Great Housing Bubble, post tags, recent “thoughtful remarks,” a blogroll of frequently updated blogs I like, and a random collection of my cartoons at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for reading

I want to thank you for checking out OC Housing News. As with anything I do, this is a work in progress subject to constant and consistent improvement. I appreciate any constructive suggestions you might have to make this a better blog and website.


Larry Roberts

(Irvine Renter)

P.S. I will still go by my blog name Irvine Renter.