No Cost Home Sales Program


Sell your home with full-service agent representation at NO COST!

OC Housing News and Akason Realty Consulting is changing the way people sell homes forever!

We provide full-service agent representation with no listing-side fee!

How Agent Commissions Work

When a property is marketed for sale on the MLS, a fee is offered to agents if they bring buyers and part of the fee is paid to the agent marketing the home and representing the seller. Typically real estate fees range from 5-6% and are always negotiable, generally speaking 2.5%- 3% is offered to cooperating buyers agents with 2.5%-3% paid to the seller’s agent for marketing, negotiating, and representing the seller.

Some people try to sell their home without an agent to avoid the commission altogether. We’ve even developed guide detailing how you can do this. It’s tempting, but most people come to realize they don’t have the time or the expertise to handle the paperwork and manage the process from marketing, sales negotiations, to closing. Often after expending considerable effort, they end up with less favorable terms, conditions, or price, and in worst case scenarios leave themselves open to huge liability from failing to execute the proper paperwork. Plus, most buyers who approach those selling without an agent expect a discount, often in line with the saved fee, and they bid accordingly. For these reasons, most sellers seek out the help of an agent to sell their home — and pay a fee for all of the services provided.

Discount listing services

In an effort to reduce their costs, many sellers approach discount brokerages to ‘list’ their property. They immediately discover that in order to get any attention on the MLS, they must offer a fee of 2.5%-3% to buyer’s agents plus a fee to the listing agent. Even those who list with discount brokerages find they end up spending 4.5% (often 3% buyers and 1.5% listing) in order to sell their property.

Some brokerages have adopted a flat-fee listing charging as little as $295 to put a property on the MLS. The seller still pays a buyer’s agent commission, but they are enticed by the low cost of the listing. Unfortunately, these agreements are loaded hidden costs and fees. The listing agent provides no support for the $295. Any property photographs, marketing, and transaction document handling carry extra fees — usually several thousand dollars. By the time all these costs are added up, the seller has paid nearly 4.5%, and they’ve gotten no help whatsoever from an experienced agent.

We have a better way.

No Cost Home Sales

The only way to avoid all sales transaction costs is to sell the property on your own with no outside assistance. If a buyer’s agent is involved, the typical fee that a seller will pay is around 3% to the buyer’s agent. Many people who try to sell without an agent often find they end up paying a buyer’s agent fee anyway. The buyer that makes an offer often has an agent representing them, and the buyer insists on paying their agent from escrow. In addition, the buyer often expects to share in the discount. The seller never really knows what maximum exposure would have allowed them to net on their property. So even what appears to be a commission-free sale often has a 3% fee embedded within it, and many times the seller is leaving much more on the table and may not realize their liability until it’s too late.

OC Housing News and Akason Realty Consultants are one of the most active buyer’s agent teams in Southern California. We have over 6,000 buyers in our system looking to purchase a home in Orange County, and we receive an additional 250-300 requests every month. This gives our sellers far greater exposure than other agents in our market. We allow our sellers to leverage this advantage by offering them the opportunity to hook up with one of our buyers at no cost on the sell-side of the transaction.

If you decide to sell your property through Akason Realty Consultants, we will search our extensive database of buyers and find those who are looking for a home just like yours. One of our agents will represent you, and another agent on our team will represent the buyer. In that way, we avoid the conflict of interest of dual agency and represent your interests when selling your home. If we can negotiate a deal with one of our buyers without utilizing our full-service marketing program, we will handle all the transaction paperwork with no fee on the sell-side of the transaction. Except for the 3% commission on the buy side, it’s a no-cost sale. It’s the lowest cost of sales in the marketplace today where representation is involved.

What about a full-service marketing program and listing on the MLS?

Many people will want to list the property on the MLS to gain additional exposure. Using our full-service marketing program often brings out competing bids and fetches a higher price. If we complete a full-service marketing program for your property, our fee is negotiable, and we will help to determine the best fee structure to offer to the buy side to motivate buyer’s agents while maximizing your net proceeds.

Once a property is in our full-service marketing program, we may still find the buyer. Some sellers don’t want to negotiate directly with our buyers without a full-service marketing program so they can have advantage of competing bids. And many buyers approach us that aren’t currently in our system because they find the property through our marketing program. We offer a lower marketing fee if you sell to one of our buyers. This normally puts your listing cost a 4% to 4.5%, which is the same cost as most discount brokerages.

Sell in 45 Days or we’ll pay you $2500!

We have so much confidence in our ability to sell your home under any market conditions that we will guarantee we will sell your home in 45 days or we will pay you $2500 at the close of escrow. To qualify for this program, we must agree on a reasonable sales price near values set by recent comparable sales. If priced properly, we can utilize our massive buyer database and superior marketing techniques to find a motivated buyer for your property. If we can’t find a buyer for the price we agree on, we will pay you $2500! Guaranteed!

Guaranteed Maximum Exposure Marketing Plan

We are not a discount listing service. We are full-service marketing and sales professionals. We work with each seller to establish a marketing program unique to their property and desires. Our marketing efforts include the following:

  • Consultation with Shevy Akason on improvements and options to give the seller a return on the money spent by maximizing sales price and minimizing time on the market.
  • Advice regarding a mini-stage, full staging, or not to stage a home from Shevy Akason.
  • Shevy Akason will work directly with the seller to develop a marketing strategy that may include numerous traditional and non-traditional marketing and pricing strategies and advise on counter-offers and negotiations of the sale.
  • Shevy will advise the seller on price and terms for counter offers including possible lease backs, inspections, contingencies, and warranty options.
  • A custom property web site is developed for the home.
  • Professional photographs will be taken of the property.
  • Akason Realty Consulting and Evergreen Realty carry errors and omissions insurance protecting you from any liability if there’s a problem with the transaction.
  • We always fully cooperate with all real estate agents and brokerages to assure that the property get’s maximum exposure.
  • Access to Shevy Akason’s network of advisers including contractors, title and escrow services, lenders to cross qualify buyers and other professionals with a proven track record of performance.
  • The property will be featured on Zillow and Trulia, and because we are premier agents for both Zillow and Trulia, our clients properties are featured and get maximum exposure.
  • The home will be equipped with immediate feedback request technology that creates a log in and password for our sellers and notifies them when showings occur while instantaneously sending out a survey request to the agents for buyers that have seen the home.
  • The property may be featured in the Orange County Register, pending, seller’s desired marketing plan.
  • The property may be featured on Radio programs such as Nelson Radio, pending seller’s desired marketing plan.
  • The property may be featured in local neighborhood real estate publications.
  • And, of course, the property will be featured on the OC Housing News, the mostly widely read real estate site focusing on Orange County.

With a properly executed marketing plan designed and executed by our professional staff, we will sell your home in the shortest time for the highest price.

What we offer

  • We deliver superior marketing service.
  • We provide a guarantee of performance or fees are credited And we offer the most competitive fee structure in the area.
  • We enable sellers to maximize their net proceeds.

If you sell your home through us, we can sell directly to one of our buyers, without completing our Guaranteed Maximum Exposure Marketing Plan, for a 3% total fee. If you want your property marketed with our fall marketing plan, and if we sell to one of our buyers, the total fee is 4% to 4.5% which is competitive with the lowest-cost listing agents in the marketplace. If you sell with us and don’t contract with one of our buyers, your total fee is negotiable. We provide full-service agent representation regardless of the fee charged.

List with us, save money, and get the best representation in the market today!

Please help family, friends, colleagues and anyone that you know that’s considering selling by sharing our unique and innovative program today!

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