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Russ Wetherill, June 7, 2014real_estate_fat_cats

The Cat in the Hat knows all about that. I read a story to my four-year-old every night before bed, often it’s a Dr. Seuss book. I’ve come to appreciate the wisdom of these parables, and find the common sense contained in these stories applies just about everywhere; even housing, where common sense isn’t as common as nonsense.

This is the first article in a one-article series loosely related to Dr. Seuss and even looselier related to housing. In the classic Dr. Seuss style, I will be telling the stories entirely by rhyming … just kidding. Or am I?

PART I – “Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?”

This Dr. Seuss story, first published in 1973, discusses some of the terrible things that can happen to a person, with the admonishment: “you’re really quite lucky.” While I was going through the home buying process recently, I couldn’t help but think of this story.

If you need to buy a house at the urging of your spouse,
But your realtor’s a tool because he thinks that you’re a fool,
And the prices are so high that you sound a battle cry,
Then you’re really quite lucky…

When the houses that you see are littered with debris,
You are to blame because you want to stay and watch the game,
So you get to spend the day looking at parquet,
Then you’re really quite lucky…

Because your credit score has fallen through the floor,
The lender takes a vacation instead of working your application,
And applying for a mortgage makes you up your dosage,
Then you’re really quite lucky…

The inspector said the wires are best for starting fires,
The pipes are great for showers at any time or hour,
The termites in the attic are mostly automatic,
Then you’re really quite lucky…

Once you get the keys everything’s a breeze,
Except for moving all the junk you’ve been hiding in your trunk,
And making the payment at the bottom of the statement,
You’re really quite lucky… because it’s OVER.

Russ Wetherill

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