Champions of Home

Anyone who has ever done any self promotion knows how difficult it can be. The little voices of doubt inside work to keep you down. “You’re not that good.” “You don’t know what you’re doing.” “You can’t succeed.” When those voices become a paralyzing distraction, you need to go look in the mirror and say, “Hot damn, I’m great.”realtor_clown

California realtors have launched a new promotional campaign. To judge by the videos they produce, you would think they are great. And some are, but many are not. I always enjoy a little parody to remind us of the dark side.

Calif. Realtors Launch Testimonial Campaign

by Tanya Irwin, Thursday, August 25, 2011, 5:04 PM

The California Association of Realtors is launching an integrated campaign that features testimonials from satisfied consumers.

The effort, from Philadelphia-based Red Tettemer + Partners, marks a change in strategy for the association with creative that is much more “consumer inclusive and conversational.” Spending is under $2 million.

Titled “Champions of Home,” the campaign was created in direct response to the economically challenged real estate market, to show consumers they can rely on their realtor.

realtors can be relied on to make self-serving statements they hope will generate a commission. Otherwise known as “bullshit,” the art of telling prospects whatever they want to hear is openly encouraged by realtor associations and taught at realtor sponsored seminars.

The multiplatform manipulative campaign features homeowners in California, telling their individual stories of buying and selling homes and how their realtors helped conquer the process.

We have seen exactly how realtors help their clients conquer the process. realtors voyeuristically listen in on private conversations and manipulate their client’s emotions to cajole prospects into buying properties many of them can’t afford. Remember Suzanne?


The stories focus on everything from short sales to epic tales of paperwork and highlight realtors as experienced professionals guiding them toward closing. The campaign targets first-time homebuyers and sellers in California.

Media includes cable TV heavy in major California markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, and will include HGTV, AEN and Bravo Networks within “House Hunters,” “Sell this House,” “Design Star,” “Property Virgins” and “Million Dollar Listing.”

Traffic radio will air across 17 markets and more than 145 stations. Online display will blanket the state of California. There will also be a number of social media efforts, primarily focused on Facebook and Twitter. All areas will drive to a microsite, Champions of Home.

With the high page rank of IHB on Google, after this post gets indexed, whenever someone searches for Champions of Home, this post will likely be at the top of the list — even above the CAr site. ~~ giggles to self ~~

The Facebook and Twitter elements will roll out throughout September at,!/CAREALTORS and

The association launched its first consumer advertising initiative in 1997 to raise awareness in terms of differentiating association members from non-member real estate agents.

CAr should be pleased. I am helping them differentiate realtors from people like myself who are non-member real estate agents.

That first campaign was specifically focused on brand differentiation, says Anne Framroze, vice president, California Association of Realtors. “We then moved to new campaign creative in 2007, when we partnered with Campbell-Ewald,” she says. “This campaign focused primarily on the value of homeownership, and the value of working with a realtor.” That effort aired from 2007 until last year, on TV, radio, and online.

The latest effort represents an entirely new direction given its focus on featuring real consumers speaking directly and from the heart — without the aid of scripts — about the home-buying and home-selling process, she says.

“We realize that in today’s socially networked environment, focusing less on what we want to promote and more on what the public has to say is the best way to connect with consumers who have the capacity to access a variety of information via a multitude of channels,” Framroze tells Marketing Daily. “We want to be as authentic as possible, and we anticipate that this type of campaign strategy will continue to build virally and organically, and ultimately will resonate best across a broad spectrum of home buyers and sellers who might see themselves in similar situations.”

Actually their strategy is a good one. The problem is with the product.

Since Google will pick up this post, and many people will find it by accident, today would be a good day for anyone wanting to share their realtor horror stories in the astute observations. I look forward to reading them.